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Frying pan? Who needs a frying pan?!

grilled cheese

You flat-top stove owners, have you ever done this? Works like a charm! I’ve been doing this for years and my stove top still shines up as good as new. Turn the heat pretty low… you can actually see where I have it.

I am still using a kettle for the tomato soup though. Ha. …although, I’ve had boil-overs of unwatched tomato soup that would look like I was trying it without.

This is the only thing I do right on the burner though. What about you?


One Response to “Frying pan? Who needs a frying pan?!”

  1. Ali on April 18th, 2008 1:54 pm

    This was done on one of those coil burners, not a flat top, but my step dad would always butter tortillas and heat them up on the coil burners, which left a nice grill mark. :)