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The Redneck Double Pizza

Food becomes part of our culture…

There are foods that so many people like that they become an icon. For example, if I were to tell you to fill in the following blank with a food name, many of you would have the same answer. As American as_______  .  

See, most of you said apple pie. Apple pie has somehow captured the taste buds of enough people through the generations to become something we are all aware is part of our culture. What other foods would meet this criteria? Cheeseburger?  Fried chicken? BBQ? (not grilling, the real slow cooked over a fire kind). We are talking about foods that have stood the test of time. The food I am featuring today is not one of those foods.

In fact, I introduce to you an entree that barely rises to the level of food:

2 frozen pizzas (the thin kind)
Shredded cheese

Flip the one pizza upside-down on top of the other one.
Top with cheese and pepperoni.
Bake at 450 till cheese is melted and edges are browning.
Slice and serve.

Yup, this one will definitely go in the “other” category. Right over there next to the moon pies and green ketchup.

P.S. I guarantee you that there is a guy in your household who has looked at those skinny frozen pizzas after you’ve baked them and has thought about taking both of them, flipping one on top of the other and making a sandwich…