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I’ve been tagged to list “7 things about me” by lovetocraftnread (don’t miss her site! She’s very creative and does beautiful work!!!).

I only know a fraction of the people who are subscribed to me, and I know a lot of you don’t know me, so I’ll tell you some about me. Then, because in a good chat, I don’t want to do all the talking, I want you to do your share of talking too. So I’m tagging ALL 197 of you who are subscribed to this site… tell me at least one thing about you, preferably 7, but in case that scares you off, I’ll settle with one… or five.

1. I’ve lived in WI all my life. It would feel weird to live anywhere else. I absolutely love Wisconsin… ok, yeah, I do complain about the cold during the winter, but even at 20 below, you could offer me a permanent home in the warm sunny south and I most likely wouldn’t take you up on it. Now a second home down there just for over the winter… that’s different… that’s my dream someday.

2. I married my highschool sweetheart… I wasn’t allowed to date until I was 18. The day before my 18th birthday, he asked me out on a date for ‘tomorrow evening’. Crazy how we knew each other so well, but suddenly on the first date, the air was changed somehow and it felt new and exciting and I was actually nervous. We now have 2 girls (a 4-yr-old and a 15-month-old), plus 2 babies in Heaven via miscarriage. We are just coming up on our 11th anniversary on August 3. This site is just for cooking, I also have a personal site… kaylouann

3. I am a Christian and go to a Mennonite church. If you’re not familiar with Mennonites and want to know more, message me and I’ll tell you about us. I’m very open.

4. I know for a fact that I’ve cooked more meals in the last 4 years of our married life than I did in the first 7. Before we had children, we both had full time jobs and we mostly ate out. That was so fun and relaxing. I didn’t like to cook and wasn’t confident about it, and when we’d get home after 5:00 or later, the last thing I felt like doing was cooking. We lived right in town too, so it was very handy.

5. My weakness is chocolate. MILK chocolate. I make a point to keep it out of the house if I’m trying to lose weight. If I’m not trying to lose weight, I make a point to keep it IN the house and my supply well stocked! I KNOW I could really floor you with how much I can eat at one time and still feel fine. Same with chocolate chip cookies. Just can’t leave ’em alone.

6. I have a part-time job doing design work… making brochures, ads, flyers, and maintaining our company website. I love it. I use Corel Draw. It’s such a perfect job for a stay at home mom. I can work in my pjs if I want to and I don’t need to get a babysitter. I have a dream that when the girls get older, we can have our own design firm. Neat thing about that is it wouldn’t have to disband when they leave home because it can be done from any computer in the world, thanks to email and internet.

7. I love scrapbooking. Wish I’d have more time for it, but that’s not something that’s screaming for attention to get done. My albums just silently get farther and farther behind when I have a scrapbooking lull. I’m working on an album for each of the girls, plus a family album. Also, sometime in the future, I want to do a cookbook that’s a combination of a scrapbook and this site… I’d put in only recipes I’ve done, complete with progress pictures, the recipe, and the finished product, and a review of what I thought about it, plus an excerpt here and there from you guys off of here (after you’ve made it and commented on what you thought of it). There would be one recipe per page in an 8 1/2″ x 11″ book. Not sure when that’ll happen, but it’s exciting to think about anyway.

Ok, your turn… Where do you live? What about your family? What’s your food weakness? What are your hobbies? Do you have dreams?    Can’t wait to hear from you!!!