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Tried and True

Posted on November 21, 2006
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The feature this time is not a new recipe. It’s a cookie recipe that you all just gotta have!!!  It’s the BEST cookie recipe in the world! Oh, you say, “My mom makes the best cookies”, well I’ll bet these are better! You say, “My cookies could win a blue ribbon”, well these could win a bluer one! You say, “I’m just not a cookie person” or “I don’t see how people can eat more than 4 cookies at a time”, well you’ve obviously never tasted these cookies! Ok, maybe that was a little over-rated, but let’s just say I LOVE these cookies!!!!!

This recipe comes from the Magnolia Cookery cookbook, compiled by the Magnolia Mennonite Church. What first tipped me off several years ago that these cookies may be worth trying is that there are 5 names behind it in the cookbook… Mary Ellen Knepp, Mrs. Miriam Lichty Graber, Mrs. Henry Yoder (Irene), Mrs. Edward Beachy (Gertie), and Mrs. Chester (Mary Ann) Miller. So, with the credits given, let’s get on to the recipe… my 2 cents are in red.

Monster Cookies

12 eggs                                    (6 eggs)
2 lbs. brown sugar                    (2 cups)
2 lbs white sugar                       (2 cups)
1 T. vanilla                                (1 1/2 tsp.)
8 tsp. soda                                (4 tsp.)
1 lb. butter or oleo                     (1 cup, I use butter flavored Crisco)
2 lbs. peanut butter                    (2 cups)
18 c. oatmeal                             (9 cups)
1 lb chocolate chips                     (* see below)
1 lb. M & Ms                             (*see below)

Mix in order given. (I beat it with an electric mixer after each addition till I get to the oatmeal, then switch to a wooden spoon.) 

making monster cookies

Drop by spoonfuls, then flatten.
s monst3
Bake @ 350 for 12 minutes. Do not overbake. Cookies may want to crumble when first out of the oven, but become more firm when they cool. This is a huge recipe. It turns out fine divided in half or quartered. Yields approx 200 cookies. (I have never made a whole batch… I usually make half, those amounts are written in red beside the regular recipe.) You can press M&Ms on top of cookie after on the cookie sheet. (I think it’s easier to mix them in the dough.) Can use pecans instead. Also can cut back on peanut butter. (That just seems like a bad idea to me.)

*In my cookbook, I have written “For 1/2 batch, put in a 12 oz bag of choc chips and most of a 14 oz bag of M&Ms… gotta save some for eating!”

The finished product.

s monst4 The tasters, with cookies and milk.

No new recipes for supper tonight… we had pizza. This evening we put pork chops from the freezer to the fridge to thaw for grilled open-faced sandwiches for Wed eve supper. Again, not a new recipe (I’m kinda falling in a ‘tried and true’ rut!) I don’t think I’ll feature those tomorrow night though and save them for another time instead. We have them fairly often and this is kind of a busy week and it takes kinda long to post stuff on here. I wonder about copyrights on cookbooks… if it would be legal to scan recipes in. I seriously thought about it this time, but I didn’t want the Magnolia church to come after me!  

BUT… we still got the cinnamon rolls coming up for Thurs morning brunch (since our T-giving dinner with Shannon’s family isn’t till early evening). AND also Thurs morning, Shannon (and his bro Preston will probably come help him) is planning to make a double batch of his wonderful baked beans for our T-giving get-together on Friday with my family. I’ll try to get a picture of the process, but I can’t feature that for reasons I’ll tell you on Thursday. I’m pretty sure I won’t update until then… so happy Thanksgiving to you all!