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Posted on September 17, 2007
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Contest deadline comin’ up!
(Contest details in the post before this.)

Thanks to those of you who have submitted pictures already! And for those of you who are still planning to, the deadline is next Monday, the 24th . It’s so fun getting the pictures and I’m looking forward to showing them to you!!!!

Also, photos of things you’ve made previously are eligible! So, check your photo albums for parties, birthday cakes, deformed veggies, April Fools food, etc!

Let’s have FUN! Take a break from the hum-drum of canning and cleaning and casseroles! I have a few ideas I’d love to try and I think I might enter one… the rules didn’t say that I can’t.

I’ll just leave you with a picture my aunt emailed to me awhile ago (she didn’t make it and it’s not for the contest). Isn’t it amazing? Now THAT’S talent!!!!!