5 Ways to Help Nausea/Morning sickness

I’m just sayin’. ūüėČ

1. Eat whatever you’re craving. It’ll usually make you feel better. Even tacos at 12:30 a.m.? Yup. I know from experience.

2. Graze all day. Isn’t that GREAT advice? :)

3. Stay hydrated. Water can be so nauseating, so it helps to squirt a bit of lemon juice in it. Also helps to drink it ice cold. Or drink iced tea, juice, or milk.

4. Noodles. In small quantities though, or it starts making you sicker.

5. Stay out of the kitchen as much as possible and don’t be browsing cookbooks and cooking magazines… even if it means not updating your cooking blog for quite awhile. ūüėČ

These are all, of course,¬†my own opinions and what worked/is working for me. I have friends who eat crackers like crazy, but I’m never in the mood for plain crackers. If you have your own tips, please leave them in a comment below! We need all the help we can get during this phase, don’t we? And if you’re not¬†pregnant right now, maybe you’ll want some of this info for in the future. :)

On another note, thanks alot for the emails from you readers, wondering if¬†everything is¬†ok and saying you’re missing the updates. I’m hoping to keep¬†this site¬†up a bit better now and hopefully slip in some holiday recipes yet this year. One that I’m planning to do is my mom’s cranberry salad. Hopefully¬†I can make it like she does… it’s one of those I-don’t-really-have-a-recipe-for-it Mom specials. It is oh so good!